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In this Vietnamese name, the surname is Ngô. In accordance with Vietnamese custom, this person should be referred đồ sộ by the given name.

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Khá Bảnh

Khá Bảnh in 16 March 2019


Ngô tì Khá

27 November 1993 (age 29)

Từ Sơn, TP Bắc Ninh, Vietnam

  • YouTuber
  • Amateur actor
Known forInternet phenomena
Height170 cm (5 ft 7 in)
Criminal charges
  • llegal Gambling
    Drug abuse
    Intentional injuries
Criminal penalty10½ years imprisonment


(m. 2013; div. 2017)

YouTube information

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ChannelsKhá BảnH (terminated)
Years active2014–2019
    • Entertainment
    • Vlog
    • Music

Ngô tì Khá (Vietnamese pronunciation: [ŋo˧˧ ʔɓaː˧˦ xaː˧˦]; born 27 November 1993), better known by his pseudonym Khá Bảnh (Vietnamese pronunciation: [xaː˧˦ ʔɓajŋ̟˧˩]; lit.'Handsome Khá'), is a Vietnamese YouTuber, mạng internet personality and amateur actor. He is known primarily for posting videos with controversial statements and nội dung, as well as "múa quạt",[a] which became a youth trend in Vietnam.

Throughout his career, Khá Bảnh has become the subject of many controversies due đồ sộ his behavior and nội dung of his YouTube channel, most notably a promotional Clip that featured a scene in which he and his friends burned a brand new scooter. On 2 April 2019, Khá Bảnh was arrested during a police raid and sentenced đồ sộ 10.5 years in prison for illegal gambling. Immediately after Khá Bảnh was arrested, his YouTube channel, which at the time had more phàn nàn 2 million subscribers, was terminated.[1]

Early life[edit]

Ngô tì Khá was born on 27 November 1993, in Tam Sơn village, Từ Sơn, TP Bắc Ninh Province, Vietnam, as the youngest child and the only son đồ sộ a family of four children. His mother is Nguyễn Thị Khánh (born 1956) and his father–whose name is unknown–died in 2010.[2]

Khá attended Elementary School and Middle School in his hometown Tam Sơn, but had đồ sộ drop out of school during 7th grade due đồ sộ family reasons. Despite numerous attempts, the school committee and his class teacher could not convince him đồ sộ go back đồ sộ school.[3] At the age of 14, Khá attempted đồ sộ make a living as wood carpenter and worked in various jobs in the years that followed,[4] until he was detained in Yên Mô Youth Detention Center, Ninh Binh at the age of 17 after being arrested and charged with assault.[5] Shortly after his release in 2012, Khá Bảnh was again charged for the same reason and had đồ sộ spent another 5-month sentence in jail. Upon returning trang chủ, he tried various jobs but ended up as a loan shark. However, Khá Bảnh later claimed that he was not involved in any illegal business.[6]

Internet career[edit]

Khá Bảnh and Dương Minh Tuyền in the behind the scenes of the trang web drama Sóng bão cuộc đời

Khá Bảnh quickly rose đồ sộ fame due đồ sộ a series of videos–which he himself described as "funny"–about his life on his Facebook page, where he can be seen at work, partying or hanging out with his friends. He was also known for his unusual taste in clothing, as well as his hair–a variant of the mullet hairstyle.[7] In 2017, after realizing that his videos had received a lot of attention from people, mostly teenagers, he decided đồ sộ create his own YouTube channel.[8] The channel grew rapidly within a few months of its creation. He then assembled his own camera team that help create "professional" videos depicting his giang hồ life and đồ sộ create a picture of him as a man of honor who possesses many moral principles such as trượng nghĩa (仗義; 'from a sense of justice').[9]

The disco dance "Múa quạt", which was originally a dance move performed by G-Dragon in Big Bang's music Clip "Fantastic Baby",[10][11] had become one of Khá Bảnh's trademarks.[12] Because of him, this dance quickly became a trend in Vietnam and has been well received by a significant number of young people.[13][14]


Despite his popularity, many people argue that his videos are inappropriate according đồ sộ traditional Vietnamese values. Khá Bảnh often uploads violent videos showing his gangster life, which involve fighting or insulting other people.[15] Many videos show him walking through the street with illegal weapons such as a machete or expandable baton.[16] Despite that, he still made large sums of money from YouTube, estimated đồ sộ be up đồ sộ $20,000 per month, without any restrictions.[17][18]

On 10 March 2019, Khá Bảnh posted group photos on Facebook showing him with his friends standing in a row on the Hanoi–Haiphong Expressway while leaving their cars on the side of the highway. The day after, Khá Bảnh was dragged đồ sộ the police station, where he testified that he and his friends were taking a toilet break on their way trang chủ after attending a wedding in the neighboring Tỉnh Thái Bình Province and the group photos were thus "unintentional".[19] Khá Bảnh subsequently had đồ sộ pay a fine of VNĐ5.5 million and his driver's license was suspended for 2 months.[20]

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On 29 March 2019, Khá Bảnh uploaded a Clip that later turned out đồ sộ be a promotional Clip showing him alongside a burnt Honda PCX scooter and suggested other people buy an electric motorbike that supposedly was cheaper đồ sộ operate. His action was not welcome by most people and he was forced đồ sộ remove the Clip that evening.[21]


On 1 April 2019, Khá Bảnh was arrested during a police raid on allegations of using drugs, organizing gambling, and illegal money lending. His initial drug test resulted positive. While searching his trang chủ for further investigations, the police found various indications of illegal gambling, lottery and money lending.[22][23] On 13 November 2019, he was sentenced đồ sộ 10 years and 6 months in prison, along with a fine of VNĐ30 million for gambling and organizing gambling.[24][25] During his trial, Khá Bảnh was cheered on by a large crowd gathered outside the district court of Từ Sơn, whom he promised that he would return after few years.[26][27]

Personal life[edit]

In 2013, Khá married a woman from his village, but the couple divorced in 2017. Shortly after Khá's arrest in 2019, while searching his trang chủ for evidence, the police met two women who claimed đồ sộ be his wives. However, neither of them had a marriage certificate đồ sộ prove their statements.[28] Khá was allegedly in a relationship with a woman named Hương Dương since 2018. Not much is known about her other phàn nàn she makes online sales on her Facebook page, which has grown significantly due đồ sộ Khá's popularity.[29] The current status of their relationship is unclear. However, there have been rumors that the couple split up after Khá Bảnh went đồ sộ jail.[30]


  1. ^ "Múa quạt" (lit.'fan dance'), also known as "helicopter dance".


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